Tuesday, April 10, 2012

2 tuesday poems

following the idea of revsiting own and other poems on tuesday, here are 2 poems, the first is one of my poems, the second is from the Tuesday Poem page, a poem in process

the open day
the sketched direction
______to be lost
______to be found

(first published in a handful of stones)


The shyest sparrow's supplications in the early evening trees
are a careful arpeggio - each note liberates a flotilla of leaves
fleeting, indeed, left scattered as archipelago in a dew-grass sea.
The song's begun: feathered entreaties lift from every hedgerow,
every field, join in one great arc of beak and wing and downy plume —
brief benediction for the worker trudging home, a heart-lifted pause
at day's end. Summer's pages fall.

(Tuesday Poem - poem in progress)

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