Friday, April 20, 2012

3 days to the island (Crimson)

it's friday. and it's 3 days to the island. it took until this afternoon that i remembered that friday means: photo friday. their new theme is "Crimson". it made me take a walk through files. i arrived in Paris. the mural, it's how today feels: walking from the city towards this blue pool in the distance.

the crimson advertising is so fitting, too: "Tout Simplement". simple. how to get there from here?
step by step, along the tunes of life. or just, by relaxing into the chaos...

a quote from this week:

"Life is chaos.
Our job isn’t to create perfect order.
It’s to explore, create, expand, and evolve within the inevitable disorder."
(- Tiny Buddha, relaxing into chaos)

in between all, i tried to pick the books to take. and then figured out that it might make sense to take some e-books along, as we will have a kindle on the island. so i went on an e-book stroll, and picked a free wild mix of classics and travelogues to take along. here are some:

The Art of Travel by Anton Swanepoel
On the One-Way Route to Manhattan by T. Ryduchowski
Meine Reise um die Welt erste Abteilung by Mark Twain
A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
Think Less by Vishwanath (simply for the title)

now, for a walk.

PS: crimson, the name for it in german is: "Purpur". or "Karmin". or: "Hochrot".

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