Sunday, May 13, 2012

Detailed Sky (photo friday)

photo friday's new theme is "Detailed"

it brought me back to this moment of standing underneath futuristic architecture in Stuttgart that felt like a fixed wheel in the sky. that was on the way to see the cinema, before the island time.

a larger photo is up in my photoblog: constructionism

and i just saw that co-photoblogger Rose Huner also picked some architecture for photo friday, yet in a very different style:  Paint, in Bucerias (Mexico). and two more that i found fascinating: from Asia: Chinese motif, Beijing + Abstract, Florida


Sherry O'Keefe said...

love this! your photos have such a clean clarity!


Dorothee Lang said...

:) i think these days i pick the ones with clarity for the blog, as counterpart for the twist-and-juggle that the days here are right now.

roseh400 said...

Hello! Thanks for the mention. And I just liked this photo at your other blog, and wondered where it was taken.... Beautiful. :)