Sunday, May 27, 2012

home for a little while: Berlin, Crete, South of France

the new photo Friday theme is “Of house and home” – it made me think of the places that were home for a short while during a trip. usually when travelling, i rather try to stay in holiday apartments, as they have more of a home feeling abroad.

some photos from such temporary “homes”, all with good memories are included below: the city apartment that was home for me and 2 friends in Berlin, a beach apartment that was home during a stay in Crete, and a small holiday house that was home in the South of France. and the photo on top: that is the view from the upper floor window of the French house, which also brought back the basic idea of houses: to have a shelter, a roof above one’s head in the night.

the theme also brought me back to the day i visited the Le Corbusier house near here - it's part of a Bauhaus-area that was created in 1927 to showcase new idea of concepts of living, and even beyond that: a place that carried by an idea of a better world architecture that went far beyond the houses.

here's more on the theme, in a post that starts with the architecture of Tel Aviv, and includes a letter from a friend who lives there, and who shares the current situation of increasingly unaffordable living space: shores, migration, modern times + a better world

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Marcus Speh Birkenkrahe said...

Great pics, but I even more relish the view point of the unapologetic traveler. We're slowly getting back into that frame of mind, too...Cheers from Berlin (permanent location).