Wednesday, May 23, 2012

photo flow participation

last year i started a photo blog to participate in the 100 day challenge. "a photo a day for 100 days" was the plan. it also set the title of the blog: "participation"

after the challenge, the blog went to hibernation. and got revived in January by the "January Stones Challenge: to note one moment each day". afterwards, again the blog went to hibernation, but the spark of it glowed on - and brought me back to it in March.

since then, i post a photo a day - with each photo leading to the next in theme, but in changing places. which turned into quite a photo journey so far. and also made me connect to another kind of participation: based on the photo tags of all blogs, wordpress creates automatic blog post streams for each tag.

here some of my favourite photo blog streams:

those streams also brought some interaction across blog borders, some running into other bilingual bloggers, and some food for photo thought, like this one: "A simple question; are your photographs interesting, or photographs of interesting things?"

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