Saturday, May 12, 2012

shapes of one week

this time, one week ago, i returned from the island. and despite all the things that waited to be done, a tune of the island rhythm is still there.

lots of things happening this week. everday things, and larger things. mowing the lawn. and driving with a family member to a special doc. piecing blog entries together, for blueprint, and for the freelance comic project. and working on my own book, together with Jessi from Folded Word.

all the shapes that form one week.

and also this: putting the next of the blueprintreview diary pages online: "Clarity and Chaos” by Beth Adams and "in Afghanistan" by Colin Halloran - BluePrintReview diary of

the image below is a collage of both.


parmanu said...

There's something so serene about that canal photo above...beautiful.

Dorothee Lang said...

i know. it's a place i stop at whenever i walk through the city.