Saturday, July 28, 2012

day 24, or: the luminous effects of doing something on a daily basis

the new photo friday theme is: Luminous

when reading the theme, i realized that i just had worked with it, without knowing about it yet: in the 100 days project, my post for day 23 was a mirror/light/shadow image. the image above is a version before the mirroring. the final image with some notes on the place, and a reflection on photography and reality: archi/texture

actually i had another picture prepared for that day, but then browsed some other entries of the 100 days project before working on mine, and arrived at this unplanned and unexpected result. looking at it now, i think it's the dynamic of following a creative theme on a daily basis, with a fresh approach each day, in combination with the dynamic of a whole group, that brought me to this place.

it also made me think of note on habits: that it's easier to do something on a daily basis, compared to only every second day, or on a weekly basis.

later, i came across this interview in the Rumpus, with Jon Carroll, the author of a long-running daily column in the SF Gate newspaper. one of the questions is about the daily nature of his work. here the passage from the interview:

What is it that you like about starting a new column every single weekday?
Most people would find that daunting.

Yeah, but you can forget about what you did before. I mean, it’s always a clean slate. I start out with an idea. But I start out with the idea that that idea is temporary. It can go anywhere. And sometimes, in the process of writing, I find a nice corner or nook or cranny that hasn’t been explored, so I go off and explore it. And the cranny turns out to be a tunnel and it takes me to another place, entirely.

the full interview (which is long and worthwile) is up here: The Rumpus interview with Jon Carroll 

here's the image in original color:

now, into day 24.

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