Wednesday, August 29, 2012

chain raster reactions, or: inside a web


because someone started a read-comics-in-public event 3 years ago on the 28th august, it was read-comics-in-public again yesterday.

because i had a date in Stuttgart anyway, i brought some comics along to join.

because i like counterparts, i also brought poetry.

because i had been in Stutgart earlier this year and had seen the writing on the wall, i bought a ticket this time.

because the weather happened to be good, i sat on the museum steps to read and watch and think about

x and y

cause and effect

sometimes it's easy to point out the x and the y

but then, x and y are only singularities, fragments of a much larger image.

see: the world, our brains, identity, edge effects.
see: layers, sub/conscious, cross/connections.
see: raster. view points. reflections.

and then, inside the museum, this:

and today, this: The hidden influence of social networks

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