Sunday, September 23, 2012

textures of september

photo friday's new theme is "Texture" - which inspired this string of images: textures and patterns of September, all from the last couple of days.

the sunflower is the only sunflower that grew this year in the garden, a late-comer that is finally unfolding.

the sky is from earlier this week

the third image is from looking for the Camino de Santiago last sunday, without finding it, and then trying in another place, and finally running into one of its signs: a symoblized shell that also reflects the sun. (here's the blog post from that drive with more textures: searching for a way and finding a view)

and the fourth - a mushroom that grew in a shady spot in the garden here. it looked like a litte golf ball in the lawn. i picked it, together with weed, then felt it's too delicate and interesting to throw it away. holding it, it made me remember the childhood times of going into the woods to look for mushrooms --

-- this texture of memory

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