Sunday, October 21, 2012

Comic Coal Metropolis, or: short trip photos from the Ruhr Region

Back from a short trip to the Ruhr Region ("Ruhrgebiet"). Traditionally this was an area of coal mining and heavy industry. But in the last decades, more and more coal mines had to close and the whole region is now goes through a huge transition from old industry to modern industry.

The reason i went was "industry"-related: there's a huge comic + boardgame fair, and as i freelance for a comic company, i was there for live blogging and talks and generally helping with everything (including hosting the comic artists).

altogether, this now turned into a multi-themed trip with summer weather in October. here's an image stream:

view of the Ruhr Region from the "Gasometer",
an old gas tank that now is a museum 

"Zeche Zollverein": once a massive coal mine,
now an Unesco world heritage
(more photos from this place, here)

of course, not all is industry here:
church courtyard in the city centre

...and now, to the comic fair:

comic artist at work -

... and more art, now back in the Gasometer:
photo exhibition "Magisch Orte" / "Magic Places"
(which opened April 2011 and closes today, so i was just in time to see it) 

city moments: monuments and autumn trees 

sun reflections in the city

and finally: the drive back home


Sandra Davies said...

Love the cloisters, but also the red industrial.

Rachel Fenton said...

Fantastic photographs, as always, Dorothee.

I also had a comics outing - fun day at Auckland's Armageddon Expo.

Dorothee said...

Glad you enjoyed the photos! It was such luck with the weather. When i arrived it was overcast with some rain for the first day. Then the blue sky arrived.