Sunday, October 14, 2012

gravitation in motion, or: a larger universe

inspired by photo friday "in motion"


my body in the Higgs Field:
"now think gravitation," the scientist says
and physics go pop


the science photo is from the book fair - the international science lab CERN has an installation there in the hall with science books, and they visualize the Higgs Field - something all abstract to me until that point, and stepping into the field visualizer now actually made me go and listen to some youtube clips about it, like this one that gives a 2-minute-idea of the larger frame of our universe and how the higgs-field and the particle discovered at CERN this year fits in / opens up the universal theories: Higsgs/God Particle explained.
(there's also a written explanation in the video note)

here's a larger view of the installation:


the Cern scientists also brought the first www-server along. remember the olympics ceremony with the scientiest Tim Berners-Lee twittering "This is for everyone"? here's his original proposol of the web: "the beginning of the web: vague but exciting"

and here's the Cern info: Bringing particle physics to the Frankfurt Book Fair

and i think i am turning into a geek. oh well.

photo friday and links

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some interesting blogs and motions from fellow bloggers  i came across this time:

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