Tuesday, October 16, 2012

in case of a 15 hour traffic jam or something..

today: travel preparations for a short trip to the comic / game fair in the Ruhrgebiet.

i wasn't sure which book to take - there still is the Mo Yan book, but it felt too heavy to read along the way to a comic/games fair. something fresh and related to travel would be more fitting. and something i haven't heard of yet. something experimental, too. so i browsed the amazon e-book travelogue section  and some related lists. i guess i am prepared for a 15-hour traffic jam now:

afterthought: even though i still rather prefer printed books to read, this is actually one of the nice pros of an e-reader: you can take a pile of books with you on a trip, especially if you don't know anything about them yet. same weight as carrying 1 paperback

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Anonymous said...

One of the books we are reading is the same one. :)
I am kind of jealous of your travels atm. Looks like fun!