Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Zealand, Germany, for 1 day (and 1 million books)

tomorrow i will be .. in the New Zealand hall in the photo above. which is part of the Frankfurt Book Fair, where New Zealand is guest country this year. looking forward to seeing this hall, and to all the others - there are halls for national publishers, and for international publishers, for art books and comics and e-books. and in the middle of all - is a simple wooden reading tent, a former circus tent. which is surrounded by about a million books in all those halls.

when things work as planned, i will do some live blogging from the book fair: snapshots of words, moments and books.

for some snapshots of a previous visit, try this link
Frankfurt Book Fair 2010 - themes, sights, hotspots

..the circus tent is included in the 2010 blog post as final photo, but as it's such a good contrast to the entry photo, here the direct view:

Frankfurt blog links:

  • the bookfair has 2 own blogs, one in English: book fair blog and the other in German: blog.buchmesse 
  • and an extra link: Maori poet Manu Korero is blogging about his stay in Frankfurt, he arrived some days ago already, and also is visiting Berlin: Manu Korero: Talking Birds

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