Tuesday, November 27, 2012

journey to Lanzarote day 4: rain sun lava drive

 today: the way the ocean feels cold with the first step into it, then warm after fifty steps.
 today: rain and sun at the same time.
 today: Matagorda, Macher, Montana Blanca, Mozaga, Caleta de Famara
 today: the way distances change the importance of things today: reading into Tahar Ben Jelloun's book on illegal Maroccon immigrants who wait in Tanger for a crossing to Spain, their supposed land of dreams coming true. while here in Spain, it's recession and people dream of going to Germany, the USA, Australia. today: grass growing on lava fields.

and 2 images: driving towards Caleta de Famara, and 5 minutes later, at Famara

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Dorothee said...

Just wanted to add: the web is very slow here, some pages don't open at all (like gmail and facebook). which somehow fits with being on an island, and so i will be out of touch for a bit, but will keep posting notes from here, as an island travelogue.