Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lanzarote day 2: time colors

(from 25th November 2009, and just the right words for today)

feels different here. 
just like the colors.
i took some pictures, to accompany a note from here: 

 Green door appartment. 
 Black sand beach.
 Red sahara wind. 
 Everything is colors here.

 so beautiful, to be here. and to read in the sun. here a quote i came across.. in Eric Orsenna's novella „Inselsommer“ ("island summer")...


and as the quote is in German, a switch to the here and now, to reading "Playing with Water" by James Hamilton-Paterson, which i ordered second-hand, and which arrived just in time to accompany me to this island:

 "So this was the kano (stranger) from Kansulay? And he wanted to live on Tiwarik? Well, why not? But on the other hand, why? There was nothing there, no hotels or discos, no white beach, not even fresh water.
 That was the day I never did do anything but climb up the grassfield and daydream. Site is everything, of course, I had freedom of choice since I had no claim on the land the hut I was going to put up would probably not outlive the first typhoon." 

 (she types under a sunny sky, knowing that the weather will change soon, that the southern wind will bring a storm warning, that day 3 of this island stay might be filled with rain and wind. but not now yet)

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