Tuesday, November 20, 2012

ModPo Live Ending, or: on creating a shared narrative

i thought the Modpo class was over - but the first mail of the new week announced a final video session, right on Monday: “Our session will consist of "final words" - summary comments, last words about the course, observations on what you learned, etc. ... And in a day or two, I will send you a link to a survey that will enable you to evaluate and comment on your ModPo experience. Please look for it!”

this final session was moving, a roundup of the course with a lot of personal impressions and notes, and everyone from the team was asked from Al Filreis for an ending statement.

there also were a lot of visitors and incoming phone calls. what they really managed in that course is to make a huge online class feel personal, and at the same time opening up doors for everyone, turning it into a poetic journey with co-travellers.

the session is now up on youtube: Modpo Live Webcast - Ending Session

a good sequence to watch is at 43.20, with a note that reaches back to the start of planning the course. and for the IT-side experience of, try 29.09 (and the minutes before for a beautiful way to be done)


and a quote that made me think of the modpo energy which developed during those 10 weeks:

"It's a human need to create shared narratives - they make us a culture."

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