Friday, November 2, 2012

here ist the now (Mindful Writing Collage)


time is an illusion –

_______rain clicking on night glass

_________ ____– – here is the now



           sun on water

                    glow sliced around the edge


November 1 was mindful writing day - this collage is based on entries of fellow bloggers, click on each line to arrive at the individual blog entry.

more mindful lines, here in twitter: twitter/#smallstone.
or on the mindful writing facebook page

photos and lines by: 
Karyn Eisler (Canada), Cathrine Lodoen(Norway), Stella Pierides(London/Germany), Steve Veilleux (USA), Jean Morris (UK), Nicolette Wong (HongKong), Jim Wittenberg (USA), Dorothee Lang (Germany)

(an earlier version of the collage is online below: here is the now


Beth said...

This is beautiful, Dorothee. Thank you for inviting and including me!

Dorothee said...

hi Beth,
thanks - it's a joy to put the collage together, like a mosaic in time. and thanks to you for joining and adding your small stone!

Cathrine said...

love :-)