Tuesday, December 18, 2012

after the island

tuesday. grey sky.

the news: dark.

the shooting in Newtown, it is the main news here, too. it's so painful and terrifying. and it brought back the sad memories of the school shooting near here, 2 years ago, and the questions connected to that: why does someone do something like that? how can human nature be both so beautiful and so destructive?

parallel to that, there is frightening news: there was a bomb attack in Germany last week, in a train station, planned like the one in Madrid - the only luck was that something in the construction wasn’t fitting: the trigger went off, but the explosives didn’t explode. it would have been terrible otherwise, a main train station at a weekday around noon. here's more about it: Failed Attack on Bonn Station.

and here's one of the latest updates: "Bonn escaped a disaster due to the dilettantism of the bomb builder, according to the reconstruction of the scene by investigators with the State Office of Criminal Investigation". police and journalists try to avoid the word "terrorists" and "terror-attack" in updates, but the police asks the public to be alert.

i miss the island today. the sun. the hum of the ocean.


Tanya Patrice said...

Add to that the school attacks in China and it's been a brutal December. My heart goes out to all families affected, and thank goodness it wasn't worse in Germany.

Tanya Patrice

Dorothee said...

China, i heard about that, too. It's a tough month. Makes one wish for a small Christmas miracle: peace on earth, for a while at least.