Tuesday, December 11, 2012

day 2, or: to go slower

it's day 2 of being home. hah. it's rather telling how we count journey days, but not the home days, because home usually is everyday. it still feels different, though. slower.

the island time - the really good thing was that it was 2 full weeks. time to just be for a while. to walk along the beach each day, and later jog along it, and then again later, to swim. and to read. and to drive and listen to music. and see things from a slightly different view.

there was no tv. and the web connection was slow. which was unnerving sometimes, but then fitted, and added to a change of pace that is still continuing.

i keep returning to the images from there.

one of the lines i arrived at - not while thinking about life, only about a chapter in a story that didn't work so far - yet the thought turned into a pivot question:

What is important?


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