Sunday, December 2, 2012

journey to Lanzarote day 8: Orderly, or: the nature of nature

the weather here on Lanzarote island is still a mix of sun and rain. an "unusual weather condition", the forecasts put it. hopefully today will bring the turn to sunnier skies. and as always, there are 2 ways to see it. of course it would be nice to have really fine weather, without having to worry about being caught by the next rain cloud. but then, it's good that it's not only rainy, but a mix of sun and rain: sun hour followed by rain hour followed by sun hour...

and it's the nature of nature to follow its own patterns, its own order - once upon a time, the whole island here was green. so maybe the "unusual" weather is just unusual in the shorter perspectibe. the plants, for sure, are happy. (until the sun will soak their water again and leave them withered).

what keeps blowing, though, through sun and rain is: the wind. and in a kind of artistic bow to it, across the island of Lanzarote, several huge wind sculptures are installed. depending on the wind, they stand still or move. it's always fascinating to see something that is invisible and seemingly without substance - the wind - set such massive structures into motion, which then follow its energy and order and start to turn along their axis.

this is the scuplture in movement:


this blog post is inspired by photo friday's new theme: Ordely, more about those sculptures here in a blog post that also was inspired by photo friday: many "many" pictures + wind sculptures

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