Sunday, December 30, 2012

lakelight & a swan moment & mindful videos maybe?

a lake re/visit for year's end
2 days to 2013. and today, the last sunday of this year. which brought the idea to revisit a place i came across this year: a lake along the Roman Way that leads from here towards Italy. it's half an hour by car, and despite some rain clouds, it was beautiful to visit. or maybe: because of some rain clouds. there was almost no one else there. but there were: swans. and one swam up to the shore, which brought this feathered moment:

mindful videos
after uploading and watching the video, a thought bubbled up: during january, i will join the mindful writing challenge again (formerly known as "River of Stones"). i joined twice already, with writing once, and once with a combination of writing and taking photos.
maybe for 2013, it would be an idea to join with mindful videos? video is a format i am still a beginner at, and after the swan moment, i feel it would be good to start the new year both with attention to small moments while also being attentive in a new, unknown way. will see how that turns out.

the lake in summer..
i blogged about the summer visit of the lake at: 1-day road trip along Roman roads and home rivers
... which is part of my series of home journeys to wider views

mindful writing
& here's the link to the mindful writing challenge
and here's the mindful #smallstone twitter stream

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