Thursday, January 17, 2013

collected january videos on play & how to create a playlist

More than halfway 
"We're more than halfway, so if you're still taking time to notice one small moment every day and write it down, then you can feel very pleased with yourself." - that's what Satya wrote yesterday in the blog post for the Mindful Writing Challenge.

halfway already. i took some time today to revisit my videos of the first half of january, and now set them up in a way that the videos play after each other (that works with a playlist, more on that below). so if you click above, there will be 12 video in a row, starting with the Swan Lake Moment that brought the video idea, folllowed by "Dawning" from the 1.1., which is the most visited one so far and the longest with 1:07. there there is rain patterns, (s)wing, cloth cirles, follow the line, the mini-clip "supermarket encounter" - the shortest with only 8 seconds, followed by water/blau - this revisit from last year. more to come.


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How to connect several youtube-videos using playlist 
And the other thing i now learned: how to make videos play after another. Again, a screenshot below - this works both for your own videos, or for other videos on youtube.


How to turn a video 90°
A thing that i learned this week after some searching on youtube: how to turn a video 90° or 180°. As it happened, i filmed twice with the mobile phone in an upright position, which makes the video come out in reduced format, with the left and right side black. "There must be a way to turn it.." i thought. and yes, there is, here's a screenshot:


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