Saturday, January 26, 2013

he/artland invaders

seems i keep returning to Paris these days - after posting an "invaders, Paris" moment in my photo blog last week, which was inspired by the Banksy-Street art film, this is another art moment from Paris, an official one: this is at the "Centre Pompidou", the museum of modern art.

the fountain is home to 16 works of sculpture by Jean Tinguely and Niki de Saint Phalle. some of the sculptures are moving, like the red heart, which turns.. ... and now i remember that i also filmed there, let me see if i find that clip... yes. here:

to round up this trip along memory lane, here's the trailer of the Banksy film: "Exit through the Gift shop"

and below, the "invader" photo, or rather: one of the several invader photos i took. the funny thing was that i didn't really know about invader at that time, but after seeing the first of them, got curious and looked for more. and then back home, blogged about it, which triggered this response from Diana: "That's not just any graffiti: it's Invader. I took the same picture last year near Shakespeare and Company, then a few weeks later saw him in Banksy's documentary "Exit Through the Gift Shop." (blog link, with yet another invader)

that's how i learned that there actually are abou 600 of those Invader tile street arts in Paris.

and more rounding up: the photo below, i took it close to the stairs of Sacre Coeur church - "sacred heart" church.

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