Monday, January 28, 2013

shadow (& light), an ocean memory

monday morning. a new week. starting with this memory from 2 months ago.
would be nice to be able to walk along an ocean now.
or to go for a real field-and-forest walk at all.. the walkways are still icy from last week's snow and icerain.

it's the time when winter feels the most draining, even though the days start to grow longer again.
and in former times, now was the time when people started to run out of food.
(where did this thought come from?)

anyway. monday. the photo above, i found it in the files when looking for a "shadow" image for the new photo friday challenge.

and later today, i will post the next book post with a book video.

& a sky/time link:
after taking the real time sunday sky photo yesterday i thought of trying a mindful video, but then felt: that photo is capturing it all. or rather: for a video to capture the slow cloud movement, it would take timelapse. i actually checked if my camera has a time-lapse function, and then got curious and went to vimeo to look at timelapse videos, and see if there is an explanation of how timelapse is done... and then arrived at this Yosemite timelapse that is much about clouds, light, sunrise, sunset, star movememt – this big world turning, with the most poetic title: Yosemite HD

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