Thursday, January 10, 2013

to be / like water

today i went to the spa, which also includes a swimming pool
the pattern of waves in the water
were like a film
but no cameras allowed there
so instead, a revisit of a water moment 
from last year: "water / blau"


and a stone from last year,
from another day of swimming
while joining the river of stones: 



a thought while swimming: 
to be 
like water

(swimriver of stones 2012, day 14) 


Anonymous said...

Of course, I love these water images, particularly the sound. The static blue image, below the video, brings back memories of this: !

Dorothee said...

hi karyn ~ thanks for the link! i just visited and then browsed your spas&baths blog, so refreshing.

here's the clickable link:
spas baths hot springs

Jane Hammons said...

water sound is the best!

Evelyn said...

I love moving water....both the sounds and the patterns it makes.

Dorothee said...

the water video, i think what also made a difference is that i was near the water for an hour already when i filmed - i still remember crossing this wooden bridge, and then walking back to the middle of it and listening and watching to the stream - and then trying the video.