Sunday, March 3, 2013

night fire (+ small voices)

(inspired by a "campfire" doodle and the line: "I doodle, you (hai)ku")

a sketch of a campfire at yay words brought back this memory of sitting at a fire,
watching wood sparks (night fireflies) and star formations.

will see if this works out, maybe march will be for haikus that are inspired by doodles and then turn into vispos, into combinations of new words and moments from the photo files - like this fire, from March 2007.

the fire moment also connects back into the past, to a collaboration between me and Daniela Elza, published in Counterexample Poetics. the titel of it: small voices.

i just looked for it, and found it by googling "Dorothee Lang Daniela Elza". below is the intro line, with link. maybe that will be another part of march: to combine the visuals with revisits of previous works.


Small Voices
a collaboration between Dorothee Lang and Daniela Elza

"How to listen to small voices? We make noise, create things that make loud noises. All too quickly forget to listen to the very quiet, to silences, which speak to us in numerous ways. This theme encompasses both artists' work: the many ways earth/mind thinks, speaks. The invitation: Listen."

click to visit the small voices:

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