Saturday, April 13, 2013

3 free ebooks to unusual destinations: East Germany, East Europe, South Pacific Islands

i am just back from cruising the kindle travel pages - my own e-book about travelling to East Germany is still up for free at Amazon, probably around until noon / afternoon. it's now #2 in "Germany", #16 in "Europe" and #39 in the general "Travel" category. here's the link:

Leipzig, or: East West Real LifeA thought-provoking trip into former forbidden territory: "East West Real Life" includes travel notes, conversations and diary entries from a trip to Leipzig in East Germany – a trip that was supposed to be about books, and ended up being about the West, the East, the past, the now... real life, and the questions it poses.


and while cruising, i came across these 2 other travel e-books to unusual destinations that i just downloaded:

Odyssey in the Ukraine by John Webber: "A journey that begins in the golden-domed city of Kiev and follows the great Dnieper river down to the Black sea where we explore exotic Odessa and the Crimean port of Sevastopol."

Some Voyages Around New Zealand & Elsewhere by Perce Harpham: "Writing at his eightieth birthday Perce describes his voyages to the islands of the South Pacific, solo around New Zealand, solo return to Australia and as skipper or crew on different boats."

ah, journeys. and coming across places by chance, in just the right timing. the New Zealand / South Pacific, haven't opened the pages yet. but it sounds like an interesting book to read for the "Around the World" challenge, which comes with the place "South Pacific islands" for April - and with not that many books easily found about them.

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