Monday, April 8, 2013

G is for Geometry & Generation Effect

today is day #7 in the A-Z Blogging Challenge - which makes it: G-Day. looking back at the first week, i noticed how the alphabetic challenge adds a different tune to the single days, something almost melodic: G like gis-moll, G like garden, growth, genesis, going, germany, ground....

or: G like Geometry & Generation.


Generation Effect

It's all part of the plan
You and us
Energy and water

Someone has to be there
Facing high expectations
Mixed up priorities
Parties of one

Time is running short
The future starts

Poem generated from headlines and adlines of Newsweek Magazine



"Geometry" ... the photo is from Essen city in Germany, inspired by the photo friday theme "Geometry" - and also by the windows theme that was sparked by YB poetry magazine, and that i followed for a while after creating an 8 windows from 8 countries gallery for it

 "Generation Effect" ... was first published in the magazine "xstream", which isn't online anymore. but at least there's a cover page up in the waybackmachin: xStream...


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Me said...

Geometry and Generation. Nice combo. :)

- A fellow blogger from A to Z!