Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I is for Iceland + invision

Earlier in April, as part of the A-Z Blogging Challenge, i started to revisit the archives from a new and unexpected alphabetical view, and reposted the most interesting works. Today is: I. I like invision, Insides, and: I like Iceland. A short story i wrote during a flight, published by Hobart magazine.

Below is a screenshot and more notes, and here's the story link: Hobart - Iceland.

The photo included is from the very flight, too. When I remember it right, I first focused on the clouds, and tried to take a flight picture that conveys the atmosphere - all the silent open space outside, and in contrast, the flight cabin filled with people and their emotions and voices.

And two other "I"s that connects to it: invision (in Juked) - an in between / through the window reflection with an on-the-road touch:
"in between, throughout, the world moving, commuting in constant ceaseless circles, all those planes, all those cars, all those people going, from here to there, eastwards westwards, up and down, all those houses, waiting for their hosts to come home, like dogs waiting, like cats waiting, all day all day, all this empty spaces, all these drive through places, and how would it feel if the world would come to a halt, just for one day, just for one white day..."


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