Friday, May 24, 2013

skywatch friday, or: weather loops

for skywatch friday: two sky photos, from a drive this week that included a stop at this 280° viewpoint in the South of Germany. from there, you could watch the rainclouds like on a stage.


this is the same place, just the other direction:

i also tried a video, and moved the camera too fast - next time i will try to remember to slow down, especially when there is a lot of energy in the air. also, the wind made a disturbing sound in the video, so i experimented with adding music.

altogether, it's such a stranges year here in most of Europe: the skies seem to be stuck in April, or even in March. today, in higher areas above 700 metres altitude, there might be new snow coming. but next week, the forecast said, things might brighten and warm up.

for more sky moments.. visit skywatch friday - there even is a blogger from Saudia-Arabia joining this week, with a sky sculpture from a German artist: winding steps


Laura said...

wonderful dramatic skies!

Arija said...

You are further advanced than I. I have not tried a video yet. Love your dramatic skies. In N.America they have also had unseasonal snowfalls while here in Australia our autumn rains have come much later than usual after a prolonged very hot and dry summer. Although the climate has been changing for as long as the Earth has been here, we are now living in one of the more dramatic shift periods and can no longer rely on what we have been used to.

Christian Weiß said...

Schöne Fotos, diese Woche war der Himmel ziemlich heftig.