Thursday, June 13, 2013

K is for "kiss/in’ time" and "K/now"

inspired by the A-Z Blogging Challenge i started to revisit my published works... today is K. K like karma, king, kaleidoscope..  and K like Kiss and Know



"Meet me at the lighthouse, will you," he said. Just like that. As if nothing had happened since the day he had disappeared, two years ago. A life ago.

She hit the button of the answering machine again. By now she knew the words by heart. Still there was something inside her that needed to hear them again. One more time. One more time his voice. Telling her to meet him.

They hadn’t known it would be their last evening together back then. At least she hadn’t known. Maybe he had. She wasn’t sure. She had never been able to figure this one out. She wasn’t sure if she ever wanted to know the answer.

I could just stay here, she thought. I could just stay here and make him wait for me, there at the lighthouse. I could just stay here and pretend I don’t

care for thee 
know the




"kiss/in’ time" - this photo was inspired by both the wordpress challenge “Kiss” & the photo friday challenge “Neglected”, tjhe entry is up in my photo blog:  kiss/in’ time

"K/now" was first published in the Kevsville series of Unfinished Stories, which sadly isn't online anymore.


A to Z
this A-Z walk through the archives started here: A to Z Blogging Challenge upcoming, the collected entries are online as life as a journey from A to Z

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