Sunday, June 9, 2013

open sky + animals in the city + Marrakech

open sky
2 days late, but a sky photo after all for sky friday: the blue horizon after the rain.

animals in the city
from nature to city: catching up with qarrtsiluni's "Animals in the City" issue, i arrived at a great & unsettling short story: "Animals" by Liz N. Clift:

"When the first goat came into Jasper’s — it walked on its hind legs — we thought it was a joke, something we could talk about at our day jobs. When the second one came in, we stopped scattering topping on pizzas, and stared...."

Marrakech blue
and i was in Marrakech this morning for some colored moments – when browsing blogs, i was amazed by this place, by the shade of blue: Color Me Blue, Majorelle Blue, in Marrakech

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