Tuesday, June 25, 2013

photography, and the world through our & their eyes

photography & blogging
the current theme of the wordpress photo friday challenge is: "The World Through Your Eyes"

the call also includes the link to a recent interesting essay/overview from a photographer on the fundamentals of photography: light / subject / composition / idea

looking for an image for the challenge, i also browsed the contributions that were up already and thought: "I guess that is just what i so enjoy about blogs: how they open the view to the world through so many individual eyes, beyond the common media channels."

here’s a stream of the images: the world through our eyes, and above, my contribution to it: a road image, with the window reflection included in it.


a new course on photography
and an extra photo link: at Coursera, a new course about photography started:

The Camera Never Lies
This short course is an introduction to use of photographs as historical evidence in the twentieth century, issues of authenticity and manipulation, and the place of film and historical adoptions as public history.

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