Wednesday, July 17, 2013

L is for Lung Ta + Luminar Light

inspired by the A-Z Blogging Challenge i started to revisit my published works... today is L. L like life, loss, love, lies, lists, looks, lines...


Lung Ta (wind words)

“It’s simple,” he explained. “You put up the flags in a high place — and the wind carries their mantras into all pervading spaces that are in need of them.” 


Luminar Daylight

Cold water deep life is
A great game beyond
The borders of polar blue
Higher energy

The luxury of personal communication
Rests on museum’s cushions
Wrapped in metal in glass in skin
Split minute memories of equation



Lung Ta was first published in the qarrtsilunis issue "Words of Power"

"Luminar Daylight" was first published (in an earlier version) in Zygote in my Coffee, it's a poem constructed out of advertising lines.


A to Z
this A-Z walk through the archives started here: A to Z Blogging Challenge upcoming, the collected entries are online as life as a journey from A to Z

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