Sunday, August 25, 2013

different roads, different skies

last week, the photo friday theme was "On the Road."  
"not yet, but soon," i thought back then. and now it is very soon: tomorrow, we'll go on a road trip to France, and will drive under different skies for a while. here are photos from a previous trip, for photo friday + sky friday, as skies and roads go so well together:


and a blog note, from the previous trip, which is also true for today:
"not exactly on the road yet, but my mind is already, while i am packing my bags. we will drive to the mountains tomorrow - leaving in the morning here, arriving there in the afternoon.
i will take the laptop along, and plan to post the one or other blog entry from the road, but otherwise will probably take a bit of off-time from the web.
and as always, a part of me wants to stay, while another part wants to be on the road already."

more from France:
blog posts from previous trips to France:
and road moments in this blog


Mama Zen said...

That third shot is my favorite. Breathtaking!

Laura said...

beautiful variety!

Dorothee said...

thanks! it was so lovely to revisit the images, and putting them together made the upcoming trip more real.

Shirley said...

They are all so lovely, it's difficult to choose a favourite from among them. I do like the steeple jutting into the sky though.