Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Take the long way home, or: Bon Journée

Today: the last of the ocean days. And the almost final day of this journey through France. Tomorrow will be all about driving back. 1000 kilometres in a day. The song for it played in the music mix yesterday already: Take the long way home.

Knowing that we will leave tomorrow makes everything special today: the last morning jog along the ocean, the last fresh baguette from the small corner shop, where they great you with “Bonjour” and after you are equipped with baguettes and croissants, don’t say “Goodbye” but “Bon Journée” – “Good Journey”. *

The sky will turn, tomorrow, and today already started overcast: this feeling of end-of-summer in the air, even here, in the South of France. 

Included above, 3 moments from the journey that felt larger and longer than the actual days and miles: a mountain moment with flowers, a road moment, and an ocean moment.

Bon Journée!

today i learned that "Bon Journée” actually means: "Have a nice day". But from sound, it still makes me think of "bon journey".

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beautiful, beautiful, beautiful ...