Sunday, October 6, 2013

a marathon called October

upcoming.. a marathon called October 
time. i wished i had a room full of it, for October. after the summer time, it seems all and everything is happening now at once. there's Frankfurt book fair upcoming, and the big Comic Action fair. and parallel to it, there are some major project milestones waiting with my freelance web projects.

so summed up, it will be a marathon of October. an exciting one, but also an intense and complex one. i took some time this week to sketch a time-map for October with the main dates and steps. a kind of roadmap, to not get lost.

October blogging & here and now
as it looks, i won't have much time for blogging and browsing and mailing. but i will blog from the bookfair in Frankfurt. and i think of turning more towards mobile blogging, to catch the mood of single moments, and to post directly from another place, to avoid to end up with a huge backlog of photos taken and things to blog about...

...and to be more in the now.
...especially while this now is a marathon.

and as signposts for the marathon time, some quotes and notes that i came across in the last weeks:

Say yes.  
Say no.

Always make things. Chew through your mistakes. Grind your skills. We're all in the same boat here. Good luck and get to work.

Be you.

The word for this season: "Lebensfreude"

And what if we already had all it takes for a beautiful life?

Let go of it.

Don't let the urgent keep postponing the important


On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you?

Step by step.



here's to roads and moments ~

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