Monday, October 28, 2013

6 days in comicworld, or the 9th dimension

back home. back home from 6 days in comicworld - a world of superheroes and fairytales, of magic and dystopia, of unexpected encounters, doing new things, trial and error, spontaneous interviews, icons and symbols, stories and sketches:

the 6 days, they also were about being on a fair from start to end, about organizing a part of the program, and about being surrounded by people for 144 hours, directly or indirectly. such a different rhythm to the days. 

i thought i would blog from the days there, but that didn't really work out. it was like being in another dimension. which fits, as some call comics the "9. art".

it was good, this very different time in a different place. and actually, i did blog - not here, but over in the comic blog, here's the link: myComics-Blog

and here is one of my fav moments: me & R2D2, with Superman & Batman in the background.

and this one: still life after the sketches are done. that was from Sunday late afternoon.

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