Monday, October 21, 2013

another 1000 miles + new horizons

the marathon of October is continuing. upcoming is another long drive, and a fair visit. and meet-ups. looking forward to it. will be away for some more days, and will try to blog from the road.

in contrast to the drive, here's a photo from this weekend, from a sunny saturday with a touch of summer and south in the air (southern wind, it was):

doesn't look like it, but this is almost from the same place, just the other direction.

inspired by the road, and by photo friday "heavenly"

and now it's tuesday morning, and i just and just checked my horoscope, and had to smile. It’s like a journey horoscope, with athis is what it said:

New horizons
Valid during several weeks: During this time you should attempt to broaden your horizons in every way possible - through study, new and unfamiliar experiences, travel or by meeting people from totally different backgrounds. Strive to make even the most trivial encounter a positive learning experience. The same function can be served by doing things that are different from your normal routine. This is not the time to retreat to your home, except for reading or study, as mentioned. If you cannot get interested in a new mental activity, recognize that you are still eager for new understanding and satisfy this need by breaking out of your everyday mold and getting out into the broader world. Travel would be a good way to do this, if you can arrange for it at this time of year. But you should go somewhere where you can also learn something.

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