Friday, November 1, 2013

today, or: November & a mistake

today: November
today: night frost
today: Allerheiligen
today: at home
today: with a cold
today: looking for winter books
today: returning to a slightly more normal rhythm
today: yellow leaves in the wind

also today: finding an embarrassing mistake in the database of a new project. realizing that there have been several hints so it, hiding in plain sight. only that everyone ignored them / didn't see them, as no one expected a mistake like that, and everyone was busy with other problems to solve.

trying to see it as a learning experience of how the human mind can shut down the focus. maybe even more so if it's a whole group that is involved in a project, everyone trusting that surely the others, the experts, would notice, that the slight mistake on the screen is a miniature mistake, some accidental wrong detail in a dataset.

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