Sunday, December 29, 2013

best of the year 2013 in photos

for the end of the year, photo friday is having its "best of the year" theme again. it's never easy to pick the best photos, but this time one of the answers is easy:


my photo "My Stery" won the Litro mystery photo contest in April 2013. still happy about the photo, and about this first place.


another one is this road moment: "One of my favourite photos from the island time is a surprise photo: i didn't saw the light effect when taking the photo, only saw it later when revisiting it on a larger screen." - and this lovely feedback: "This view has been seen by thousands of travelers, yet you've caught a journey, a metaphor, a point in time." - Susan


and of course, there is the ongoing series of sky photos. above is one of the recent sky moments, as symbol for the whole sky diary series


the final of the "best of" images is actually a video, or rather: a whole series of videos. in January, i took part in a Mindful Challenge, and created a video of a noteworthy everyday moment each day. and now i just remembered that i put a whole playlist of all videos together:  Mindful January - Video Playlist


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more photos from this year... in my photo blog once upon a day
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Guilie Castillo said...

Amazing photos, Dorothee! Thanks for sharing, and congratulations on the success!

Dorothee said...

Thanks! and congrats to you on finishing NaNo, just saw it on your page.