Sunday, December 22, 2013

hazelnuts, monsters, mazes, stories, or: the sensation of something

today: 1 day after solstice
today: overcast
today: spring weather forecast for christmas
today: hazelnut trees in bloom, bringing on my spring allergy in all wrong timing...
today: browsing story links and joining a collaborative story
today: sunday


and here, some of the story links:

The storySouth Million Writers Award Finalists are online and voting is open. Together with the Finalists, the list of all 50 notable stories of 2012. I browsed the story list, and then clicked on the most curious finalist title. what a story. here's the link, and the first lines:

Give Her Honey When You Hear Her Scream by Maria Dahvana Headley
 "In the middle of the maze, there’s always a monster.
If there were no monster, people would happily set up house where it’s warm and windowless and comfortable. The monster is required. The monster is a real estate disclosure.
 So. In the middle of the maze, there is a monster made of everything forgotten, everything flung aside, everything kept secret. That’s one thing to know. The other thing to know is that it is always harder to get out than it is to get in. That should be obvious. It’s true of love as well."

litrostory in process...
in contrast to the final stories, there's a new story just in progress, written online in collaboration.
it started with this line: "It wasn't the sound that woke him as much as it was the sensation of something large and dangerous passing overhead."
i just added a tweet-size-scene: "Meanwhile, the creature that woke him had circled the town 3 times, and started to turn into the most innocent shape it found:"

to read the story so far, and to join, go here: #litrostory

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