Monday, January 6, 2014

I Hear the Wind Waiting (co-op poem)

Leaf Press co-op poem 2014
For the new year, Leaf Press organized a collaborative poem again - the theme this year was "Wind". The poem went online today - and it's beautiful and wild. Very happy to be part of this project, both in words, and in a windy image.

here's the link:
Leaf Press co-op poem 2014: I Hear the Wind Waiting 


strong wind...
and i just counted: 37 poets joined in this poem. my stanza is:

strong wind from the south: I put on my jacket, step into the garden
to fasten the roses, yet stand and listen to the hum of the sky


the prayer flags

While putting the wind stanza together, i thought of a wind photo i took a while ago, and the meaning behind it: tibetan prayer flags connect to wind from concept: the idea is to put the flags up in a high place, so that the wind can carry their mantras / prayers to all places and persons that are in need of them.

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