Thursday, January 2, 2014

these fleeting moments that make our days, or: mindful january


January 1
First of January. Outside, it’s rain, then a moment of sun. I have poems for breakfast, and a star, chocolate-covered: the last of the christmas cookies.


January 2
Girl with red umbrella...
Man with turquoise bag...
Yellow car with pink sign...
In winter rain, every color—a tiny passing charm.


It's January, and i am joining the Mindful Writing Challenge again
The idea is to make / take time to notice and capture at least one of the moments that makes my day. Looking forward, and i already notice how i take closer looks at things, or rather: at moments.

Here's more about the challenge: Mindful Writing Challenge January 2014

And here's my ending note of the previous Mindful Month, which i had joined with videos: january 2013  noticing the small moments - a month of mindful videos
"sometimes i thought: i don’t know what to capture next. it would be so much easier in summer, with the flowers in the garden and blue skies and more outdoor time – but then on the other hand, it was good to have this challenge in winter time, and find the everyday moments in them. we need them more in winter anyway, as in summer when they lurk at every corner. and actually, even in winter, those moments are all around us, just waiting to be noticed."

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Guilie Castillo said...

Sounds like a fantastic challenge, Dorothee--thanks for sharing the link, and I'll be back for more of your mindfulness. It's amazing, isn't it, the things we notice when we're actively trying to. The world is full of beauty and joy. May 2014 bring you lots of that!