Friday, February 28, 2014

february flashback forward: art, reading, new places

January was the month of small mindful moments - which moved on into february, it feels. Not in daily lines, but in a hightened appreciation for all those colors and shapes and instants that are part of a month, and of the flow of time. And in a series of spontaneous afternoon trips to places that aren't far, just some 20 or 30 minutes away: the hill plateau of the Alb, the Aich valley...

For the new year, i didn't put together resolutions, but looking back through the calendar, I notice that there are some themes developing naturally. The afternoon trips, and: art und museums. So far, I've been to 3 museums this year, and now am catching up with blogging about them, here's the first: art, selfie & the first exhibition: Baumeister. And in a really nice coincidence, there's a new art online class starting right now: Live! A history of Art for Artists & Co.

Another theme that developed in the last weeks is: #readwomen2014, an online initiative on a direct reader level. i joined, and enjoy the ongoing flow of reading notes, thoughts and suggestions. i just blogged about it some days ago: reading #readwomen, poetry podcast & a Room of One's Own.

February also brought an early shift of season. last year at that time, it was still deep winter in february. This year, there's spring in the air since january. Now i am curious for March, to see if the themes and the direction of the year starts to settle, or if there are other themes waiting / surfacing.


and now i just revisited the ending note of january and the mindful moments, which also speaks to february with a switch of a word:

small stone by small stone
time took a slightly
different shape


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