Sunday, February 2, 2014

female, or: Crow Woman

"Female" is the new theme of photofriday. i usually don't take photos of people, but thinking about it, i remembered a female statue that amazed me when visiting the capital of Slovakia, and that left me curious. unfortunately there was no name at the statue, neither of the artwork nor of the artist, yet for me, it is "Crow Woman".

the photos above are adjusted in color, to bring out the fairytale atmosphere up there at the castle, with the figures. for a different black/white version, try this link with more:  Crow Woman

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and nice, i just saw that the entry right next to mine is from Slovakia, too: #100 Glowa


Anonymous said...

I see most of the graffiti has been cleaned off her. She used to be covered, especially on her stomach.

If you're still there, have lunch in the cellar restaurant in old town, called Prasna Basta. It's basic Slovak food, but attracts a crowd of university intellectuals, actors,directors, and writers.

Bratislava is my favorite world city.

Anonymous said...

Really cool photos!

Dorothee said...

Donigan, thanks for your comment! i wished i was in Bratislava right now - but this is "only" the memory of a past trip. but yes, a great place to visit. so glad i went there.

Linda said...

Marvelous sculpture! Thanks for sharing!