Saturday, April 12, 2014

sky / photo friday: cherry april sky

For sky friday & photo friday this week: 3 combined photos from an april walk...

Last year, april was too cold, following a march that still came with snow. Now it seems, the skies want to make up for that: spring is earlier than usual, the cherry trees and tulips are in bloom already. Walking through fields feels like walking through may. Such a joy.

The second photo is from the same place, just another direction:

And this is yet a bit further down the walk, just some minutes later:

While the skies are open, I am a bit snowed under with work and projects and deadlines, but in a good way. Also, I was away for two days this week, for a web / work project. More about that, tomorrow. Now, for some chocolate ice in the sun - the joy of simple pleasures.


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Have a glorious sky week, everyone~

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