Saturday, May 17, 2014

early morning sky / ocean moment

Early morning mood at the bay of Pollenca, in the North of Mallorca island. the boat is a fisher boat. And the small dot near it - i first thought it's a bird or a fish, but then realized it's a swimmer, training for the upcoming triathlon.

Usually the bay is clear, but that mornign, there was a mist cloud hovering over one side of it. I also tried a brief video, interesting how the same scene looks different in it with the slightly larger angle:

& Journeys...
It's one week now that I returned from there. The sunny island moments are still rather present (here are more moments from Mallorca), especially with all the rain and clouds this week brought. Somehow it feels, April and May switched places in Europe.
And while uploading the video and playing it to check, this travel video came up in the youtube sidebar: Manasarovar - Episode 7 of Isha Kailash Travel Journal 2010 ... ah, journeys.


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Have a beautiful sky week ~


Pearl Maple said...

great photos, the colors and lighting is so pretty

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Early mornings are definitely my time of day. Incredible shot!

Looking forward to your visit at: Slice of Sombrero Sky

Anonymous said...

How lovely - morning is my best time of day.