Sunday, June 1, 2014

Anfang / Arrival / Alle (a to z)

today: the first of June
today: the first day of the A to Z challenge
today: a


The A to Z of it: 
The invitation from Chris Galvin to join her A - Z blog challenge arrived just some days after i was thinking that it would be lovely to have some kind of shared blogging time again, only that daily would be difficult. Turns out, for this A-Z the timing is flexible: "Could be a paragraph, could be several, could be a photo with a caption... Some of us will do themes, but it could be random too. And we've agreed that it doesn't have to be every day. Maybe every 1 - 3 days"

Already after reading the lines I started to notice things by first letter: Arrival and alpha, arc and ant, and "and" itself! Which is almost the same in German: "und". And "Arrival", it keeps the "A" but turns to "Ankunft"... 

A: Alpha, arrival, and.. 
So here is "A": a bilingual play with words. The first row is a list of German A-words, and the second row is their translation.

My fav is the connection from "alle" and "All": the sum of all around, forms the "All", the universe. While "Allee" is the German word for "tree-lined avenue"


The A-Z blogs + Introduction
Here's the introduction post: A to Z: A Blog Tour of the Alphabet
Feel free to join in!
And here are the first direct links to the other participants, will update later again:
Have an amazing blogging challenge time, and a beautiful June, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Love the photo with the columns of words, which read like a poem about a full circle experience of life.
From the beginning/am Anfang
all, everything, all of us / alle
the universe / das All
our arrival / unsere Ankunft
are also / sind auch
an answer / eine Antwort
everything the same but also different / alles dasselbe aber auch anders
all, everything, all of us - one / alle, alles, alle - sind eins
(with apologies for any errors in the German)

Dorothee said...

the poetic touch, i am excited to see your lines that pick it up and enhance it - myself, i didn't look for it at first, but when i had the first 2 columns i slightly shifted words, following the same mood: from all to universe / from the Anfang to the sameness and also to the difference... to the answer

Anonymous said...

It's the way everything is connected, like we talked about.