Thursday, June 5, 2014

Color Code, or: all words are translations (a to z)

Here is the next step of the alphabet journey: A was for arrival, B was for Blue, and C is for: Color Code.

A visual reflection of the mediascape that surrounds us
(The image is just a snaphot, click it to see the real installation)

The installation, I put it together a couple of years ago and remembererd it after putting together the "blue" post. Back then, it mainly was a reflection on the neverending stream of news and advertising that has become an element of daily life, all those messages that rain down on us.

Revisiting it and watching it, another thought appeared: that we often think of translation as the step it takes to move from one language to another. But in fact, all languages in their core are translations of reality: things, emotions, activities: they came first. then someone gave them a name. the blue thing above = sky. the color of water = blue. oneself = I. and the names for all those things, for our world = words.


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Anonymous said...

Your color code installation is amazing! That's exactly what it feels like to be plugged in, tuned in, online. Like an assault, and yet mesmerizing.

How funny about "Alphabe Thursday" also being on C.

Jane Hammons said...

love all of your accompanying graphics